• We Teach Computer Science in Armenian Schools.

    Our Goal is to teach CS in 100% of Armenian Schools.


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  • Read About Success Stories

    They've laid the Groundwork for our Goals.

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    Chess Education in Armenia

    Chess education in Armenia is a massive success.

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    Israel's Computer Education

    Israel has developed a robust Knowledge Economy.

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    England's Model

    Seeking Economic development through technical Education.

  • Our Mission

    Recognizing that Armenia is a landlocked nation with few friendly neighbors and a lack of natural resources, we the team at Code For Armenia began to research alternatives for Armenian economic development. What we found was interesting, Armenians have historically excelled at high intelligence tasks like physics and chess. With more research it became evident that a knowledge economy would suit Armenia's economic development needs very well. Therefore, our mission at Code For Armenia is to empower Armenia's youth through education: primarily through the teaching of Computer Science, which we hope to make nationwide curriculum. We have witnessed great success through creative technical education at TUMO, Ayb, and others; from which innovative companies and exemplary scholars have emerged. We strive to build upon this legacy and help teach every Armenian student the fundamentals of Computer Science.

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